Donna writes in Training Industry about Human Resources becoming a bigger user of corporate training to succeed in a newly competitive environment. Read the full article here.

Talent acquisition is becoming more competitive as America is closer to full employment than it’s been in a decade. Savvy graduates entering fields like engineering can expect to be courted by corporations spending a lot of money to prove how innovative, “cool” and relevant they are.

Jamesson Solutions is continually identifying new needs for organizations to adapt. Our “Recruiting, Retaining & Career Pathing” workshop came out of a client’s need. We can similarly tailor workshops for just about any organization.

At the recruitment level, HR needs to be trained to engage “employee customers”—prospective employees who are looking for an organization that resonates with their own personal brand. They can be just as fickle as the company’s paying customers.

And beyond HR, a good deal of our work involves customized engagements. Get in touch with us here if you have an emerging training opportunity.

Recruiting, Retaining & Career Pathing has at its core our “Shared Success Model.” This aligns individual development plans with the business plan to identify where overlap exists and where there may be gaps. Participants learn how to build the model with five components:

1) Individual needs
2) Individual offer
3) Company needs
4) Company offer
5) Plan

Learn more about the program here.