Powerful listening and how to handle both easy and difficult questions with confidence

“The number one skill of the leader, manager, salesperson, spouse, parent, teacher, preacher, lover or lawyer is the ability to communicate effectively with their customers….both internal (fellow workers, family, community)  and external (the people and organizations who buy our products or services).”

Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway


This course is for the Presentation Skills 101 graduate who wishes to move his or her communications skill to the next level. This two-day course provides intensive listening and stage training techniques that add interest to presentations, something absolutely essential when you are trying to convince someone of your point.

In the course you will get tips and plenty of practice for powerful listening. You will learn how to handle both easy and difficult questions with confidence. And, you will create your own “First Impression” commercial for those rare chance opportunities that could change the course of your career or business relationships.

Who Should Attend

Advanced Presentation Skills is open only to graduates of the Presentation Skills 101. Presentation Skills 101 graduates asked for a “next step” to enrich their skills. Through research conducted in private one-on-one sessions, with already experienced speakers, advanced skills were identified for inclusion in our Advanced Skills course.

Why Attend

  • Enhanced Listening Skills
  • Powerful ways to organize impromptu speeches or discussions for improved effectiveness using:
    • “Past-Present-Future”
    • “Situation-Option-Solution”
  • Effective PowerPoint presentation development and delivery skills
  • How to develop your “First Impression” commercial
  • Custom skill sets like how to host roundtable discussions effectively (in-house custom courses)