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Jamesson Solutions helps organizations develop talent aligned with business goals, through training, development and consultation. We work with multi-national corporations, small business and non-profits from Greensboro, NC, a global center for leadership development. We offer assessments for talent acquisition and development, as well as business simulations for team building and change management.


Heading off immature leadership with assessments and development

No wonder we have so many people leading who simply aren’t prepared. In the past there were many more layers of management. Those days are long gone. As organizations flattened for efficiency, they lost critical training grounds for leaders.

Time to fill the empty vessel

Eleanor Brownn, the...

Communication skills a top priority in Training survey

It’s where hard skills meet soft skills in training and development. Communications skills training can cover the most basic skills—like articulation and posture—and it also dovetails with headier skills like emotional intelligence and giving feedback, where self-awareness and empathy come into play.

Ever bomb an interview?

Fess up. Ever bomb an...


Business simulations allow people to learn through self-discovery, by doing. They provide a safe space where experimentation, failure and learning can occur.