Learn to make better decisions based on decades of research on problem-solving and decision-making

“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.”

Peter F. Drucker


Right Decisions Made Right™ includes business simulation games, lectures, group discussion and personal journaling.

Business Simulation Games (Interactive Card Game) – To get the group interacting and making decisions, the facilitator begins the session with interactive business simulation games. The facilitator starts by giving one playing card to each participant and instructing the participants to get together to make the best poker hand they can.

Business Simulation Game Debrief – The facilitator encourages participants to discuss how difficult the business simulation game was, how they went about it, and what their challenges were. This gets the participants to think about the complexity of the assignment, notice whether they had any uncertainty about it, articulate their individual problem-solving and decision-making processes, and to identify the barriers to making good decisions.

Lecture – The facilitator then communicates the key points of the decision-making model to the participants using a PowerPoint presentation, the facilitator’s guide and Walking Points™ reference cards, validating the learning that took place in the previous business simulation game debrief.

Discussion & Journaling – The facilitator encourages participants to talk about problems they are currently facing in their organizations, so that participants actually can immediately utilize the decision-making model just experienced.

Participant Workbook – In addition to providing key points from the lecture and practice training cases, the participant workbook encourages participants to journal actual scenarios from their own organization. This engages the participant during the lecture, gives them something to work with during the discussion and serves as a useful reference upon return to the workplace.

Program Length: 3-4 hours

Space Required: 1 large training room

Accommodates: 10-50 participants

Equipment: Digital Projector

Right Decisions Made Right™ is a trademark of Discovery Learning, Inc.

Why Attend

Establish a uniform system for guiding managers in their decision-making process and improve the capability of the organization to produce acceptable, quality decisions.

Build knowledge of a researched-based system for choosing the most appropriate decision style.

Create awareness of five critical decision factors.

Improve and refine the decision-making skills of managers while providing tools they need to mentor others in this area.

Build uniform knowledge in an organization about good decision-making processes.

Create awareness in individual managers of their strengths and weaknesses in decision making.

Strengthen awareness that how one includes others in the decision-making process affects the outcomes.

Build awareness of how improved decision-making practices pay off on the bottom-line.