Jamesson Solutions has acquired a new product in a partnership with the Winston-Salem authors of an innovative online assessment designed to coach leadership development. 

Jamesson Solutions is now co-owner of The Leadership Nexus and will formally introduce the new assessment at the Association for Talent Development Conference and Expo (ATD24) in New Orleans, May 19-22. The company will provide certification for using the assessment and launch a new online assessment center where coaches can send their clients to take the assessment.

Significant intellectual property for talent management has been a product of the North Carolina Triad’s internationally recognized leadership development sector for decades. However, the Leadership Nexus assessment is distinct in what it measures.

Rather than being personality based, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Leadership Nexus takes a transformational approach to leadership that examines how a client’s thought time (focus) is related to action time (priorities).

Report and coaching examples from The Leadership Nexus

Designed specifically to support executive coaching interventions, The Leadership Nexus is an online survey that takes about 20 minutes to complete. It produces an instant detailed report showing, graphically on detailed chart, where the individual is in relation to their current and future job requirements along with a guide for understanding the implications of the score and ways it can be improved or adjusted.

This report functions like a map that a coach uses to give feedback and suggestions to guide their clients toward leadership succession over a continuum of five leadership levels: transactional, managerial, tactical, strategic and, at the top, transformational.

The Leadership Nexus was developed by Beverly Bradstock and Tom Desch. Jamesson Solutions is a training and development consultancy founded in 2010, owned by Donna Warrick and her husband Mike Warrick. The company purchased the assessment from the developers, but continues in a partnership with Explore Development, LLC, Bradstock’s and Desch’s company. The Leadership Nexus augments Jamesson Solutions’ own coaching and training services as the newest addition to the firm’s growing product line, marketed to other consultancies and individual coaches.

“When I saw what Tom had created, it was very clear to me that The Leadership Nexus provides a missing piece for coaching – a immensely practical and actionable report that provides immediate guidance based on two simple metrics,” said Mike Warrick. “In initial focus groups, talent management people instantly see its utility.”