One of the most valuable investments your company can make in its leaders

“I wanted to share that I was asked to do a surprise presentation about 2 weeks after the class. The presentation was ‘give an example of a win using team selling’ in front of a camera with an audience of 200 plus a group of 30 in the room! I had to stand in front of the camera and in front of the folks in the room and present with about five minutes warning. Ugg…I had the lessons in my head and I NAILED it! Also I was interviewing for a promotion and the hiring manager was in that room and I got the promotion! Thank you so much for the valuable training.”

Jennifer, global manufacturing corporation


This is a two or three-day course. The course begins at 8:00 am each day and ends around 5:00 pm the first two days and with the three-day version at 2:00 pm the third day. Participants will make 12-18 presentations during the course. They will also receive individualized coaching and presentations will be videotaped. Breakfast, lunch and course materials are included.

Who Should Attend

Presentation Skills 101 is designed for the executive who wishes to become a more effective communicator. In this intimate setting (maximum enrollment 10), you’ll be on your feet more than a dozen times giving speeches or presentations, learning new uses of communicating tools, with video feedback of your progress. You’ll function in several roles: introducer, speaker, teacher, and coach. Many established executives, as well as up-and-coming professionals have participated in Presentation Skills 101 since it was developed. These men and women from every calling have gained dramatic and empowering growth in their effectiveness. They find improved speaking skills are a gateway to personal growth in other areas.

Why Attend

  • Participants learn how to become more effective communicators and also learn how to become better coaches so they can train others.
  • Presentation Skills 101 is a proven course, provided to executives in more than 30 countries. Participants frequently call the Presentation Skills 101 experience “the most powerful development they have experienced.”
  • The limited enrollment (no more than 10) allows for a more intimate environment where participants can safely practice their communication skills.
  • For those who have already completed Presentation Skills 101 but want to develop an even higher level of Presentation Skills, consider attending our Advanced Presentation skills course.

I have been exposed to many training and development courses during my 30 year career with this company and Presentation Skills 101 is by far the most powerful experience I’ve had. I heartily recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills.

Group Director, International Manufacturing Firm