The assessment that asks: are leaders functioning at the right level for their jobs?

If you only do one leadership development assessment, this is it

The Leadership Nexus is an innovative, concise, and instructive personality self assessment that gives precise individualized guidance to help professionals understand where they are in their career path and what they need to do to attain the next level.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete and provides easy-to-understand graphic feedback charts that plot where they are on a path from tactical to strategic and gives do more/do less recommendations for meaningful advancement.

Its ease of use and clarity make it the powerful and effective for successful coaching interventions.

“The Leadership Nexus helped me understand how aligned my thoughts and actions were with the strategic requirements of my position. I learned how I spent my time was more tactical and so, not in alignment with my role. The Leadership Nexus not only identified this but also prescribed a plan to help me move into alignment.”

Leadership Nexus User

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Advancing through five leadership levels

The Leadership Nexus provides a transformational approach to leadership that examines how Thought Time (focus) is related to Action Time (priorities).

It’s based on five levels of leadership. Each level is important to attain in order to be effective and successful with corresponding jobs.

Level 1
Transactional Leader – A strong focus on the daily demands of the job

Level 2
Managerial Leader – A balance between tasks and staff issues

Level 3
Tactical Leader – A balance between Operations and Strategy

Level 4
Strategic Leader – Focused on Strategic Development and the long-term

Level 5
Transformational Leader – A relentless change agent who, sees a future few others see

The Leadership Nexus examines:

The primary characteristics of each Leader Level

The type of questions posed by successful individuals at each Leader Level

What can be done to work more effectively at each Leader Level

The most likely vulnerabilities for each Leader Level

What happens when leaders lead poorly or ineffectively at each Leadership Level

How leaders lead well at each Leadership Level

Two easy-to-read charts

The Leadership Nexus gives powerful guidance:

• Measures how you spend your time in thought and action

• Explains how your time spent in these two dimensions determines your current operational Leadership Level

• Provides insight into how your current operational Leadership Level impacts your job success depending on the Leadership Level required for your role

• Identifies opportunities for personal growth

• Prescribes a path to move into alignment with the requirements of your current role.

• Prescribes a path to move into the next operational Leadership Level

• Can be key to your job advancement

Certification Process

You must first become certified to use Leadership Nexus. Once certified, you get access to Jamesson Solutions Assessment Center wher you can purchase assessments on demand. The Assessment Center also becomes your page where clients go to take their assessment. It’s a great way to augment your practice.

Steps to certification are:

1) Sign up here.

2) Watch SIX short tutorial videos remotely. We’ll send you a link.

3) Take the Leadership Nexus assessment yourself (online) and recieve feedback from Jamesson Solutions.

4) Sign up for our online certification session (limit 10 people).

5) This all gets you Provisional Certification.

6) Earn full certification by adminstering Leadership Nexus with a person of your choice and do their debrief online with a Jamesson Solutions consultant shadowing the process.

Once you have full certification, you can buy as many Leadership Nexus assessments as your practice requires.