Jamesson Solutions got into the talent acquisition arena earlier this year by establishing a value-added associate partnership with TTI Success Insights, maker of the TriMetrix assessment suite. We consider the suite to be very powerful, delivering scientifically valid and EEOC compliance results for more accurate and successful hiring processes. You can try it for free, here.

We’re currently engaged with several clients using TriMetrix on the human resources side, but we’re also excited that our training clients are using the suite for development. The entire 10-assessment suite is suitable for training and development, with applications for executive coaching, leadership development and succession planning.

At the heart of the suite is one of the best DISC surveys. The TTI SI DISC is the only one we’ve found that is fully customized to the individual. DISCs are a great place to start to baseline engagements. First developed in 1928 by psychologist William Marston, they’re one of the most common go-tool tools for self-awareness based learning. And they’re ideal for preparing an organization for change or in organizing teams for specific tasks. But they’re not all the same and TTI’s is one of the best.

If you’d like more information about the TriMetrix suite, either for hiring or development, contact us here.

If you’re not familiar with DISC surveys, TTI does a good job breaking down DISC components of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance as follows:

High D: Driven, Ambitious, Strong-Willed
Low D: Unobtrusive, Cautious, Agreeable

Famous High Ds:
Gordon Ramsay
Steve Jobs
Kanye West
LeBron James
Christian Bale

High I: Enthusiastic, Warm, Persuasive
Low I: Logical, Matter-of-Fact, Incisive

Famous High Is:
Angelina Jolie
Taylor Swift
Jimmy Fallon
Kelly Ripa
Kurt Warner

High S: Loyal, Relaxed, Passive, Patient
Low S: Impulsive, Eager, Flexible, Restless

Famous High Ss:
Brad Pitt
Aaron Rodgers
Dr. Drew Pinsky
Scarlett Johannson
Carrie Underwood

High C: Detail Oriented, Conventional, Exacting
Low C: Arbitrary, Unbending, Unsystematic

Famous High Cs:
Neil deGrasse Tyson
James Franco
Bill Belichick
Arianna Huffington
Martha Stewart