What is motivation and why does it matter? To learn more, we had insightful conversations with a psychologist who develops assessments and an HR expert who uses them. Dr. Brett Wells and Alison Nolan, respectively.

Mike Warrick, Jamesson Solutions

When you use assessments to dive deeper than behavioral assessments you reveal what motivates a person. This gives you a picture of how reliably they will show up, excel in their work, advance, and stay with the organization.

Make no mistake, this is the most important competitive advantage that HR can seize.

Wells is chief science and consulting officer at Talent Plus Inc. He heads up research and development for the firm which uses the fitting tagline, “Science today, talent tomorrow.”

We already knew that assessment science has advanced to a point where it’s spot on in most cases and for Mike Warrick’s article for Workforce.com, we wanted to be sure we had up-to-date validation on the subject.

Selection is very different than just hiring. Selection means you’re making a sound judgement based on validity and science, based on what’s the very best in a role or an industry and how they will respond versus what you think your gut reaction should be. It’s predictive.—Dr. Brett Wells in Workforce.com

Nolan has been a friend and colleague of Jamesson Solutions for years. So to round out Mike’s experience with assessments, we sat down with her to learn about the value from an experienced assessment user. Nolan has worked in demanding talent management environments, notably Volvo America. Currently, she is HR partner for the public health NGO, FHI 360.

Certified to use TriMetrix DNA for talent selection, Nolan appreciates how it yields powerful and comprehensive reports on “Driving Forces” that define an individual’s motivation.

Nolan has given weeks of feedback to hundreds of job candidates, even those who were not selected. She wouldn’t hire any other way, because the science simply works. And for people who aren’t matched to a particular opening, it’s a way to build a database of talent for other openings that come up. You only have to assess a person once.

Before you hire anyone new, please take a minute to read what Wells and Nolan had to say on the subject of using motivational assessments.

Jamesson Solutions is a TriMetrix certified partner that can manage your assessments and also provide consultation or deliver feedback.