Many times people ask us about motivation. What is motivation?

Generally, motivation is what drives a person to do things.

There’s very basic motivation, a very simple level of motivation, which is driven by a need to survive in terms of basics like having shelter, having food, being able to sleep, finding a safe spot. That’s not really what I’m talking about.

Jamesson Solutions partner Mike Warrick on motivation

Those things are very important, obviously, but what I’m talking about is the motivation that drives a person to plop their feet down on the floor in the morning and get up and go to work or go do whatever it is they do. What is it that drives them, to want to go do the things that they do during the day? And what is going to make them happy?

That’s what we’re talking about in terms of motivation, and how that works with on-the-job kinds of things in terms of fitting a person into a job. We’re looking at what does the job offer in terms of motivation? What are the driving factors on the job? Is there something in the job that the person is going to get out of the job that’s going to match what they want to have in their life?

So, the things that drive them, getting them excited, putting their feet on the floor in the morning, so to speak. These are the things that are unseen, but that are very, very important in terms of a person’s ability to be excited about the job and being engaged in the job – and to stay on the job.

In fact, it is the most important factor in terms of hiring an employee that is going to be a good fit for the job, and the job is going to be a fit for them, and that they’re going to want to stay in it for the long term.

How do you determine a person’s motivation? You can ask, but you’ll probably get a more accurate answer using an assessment like TriMetrix. Read about it here.