Or, if you don’t want to be Wonder Woman, you can be Superman.

In her talk, “High Performance Presentation Skills: Body Language,” Donna reveals some of the secrets behind her ability to influence and win over a room. There are postures and gestures that are easy to learn that not only project a confident image—they can actually prepare you physiologically to succeed.

If there were ever numbers associated with body language and nonverbal communication, 55, 38, and 7 would be it. People often refer to these numbers as the standard for understanding nonverbal communication and expressing its importance- specifically over the words being spoken.

How often have you heard someone say over 80% (or even 90%) of communication is body language or nonverbal? Perhaps even you might have said it, but do you know where it originates from?

The numbers represent the percentages of importance that varying communication channels have. The belief is that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice, and 7% is the actual words spoken.—Psychology Today

If you’re speaking to a room of fellow human beings, you can be sure every one of them is reading you more than hearing you. And they don’t even realize it. Body language is perceived subconsciously and instantly. Studies have shown that observers can identify likely winners of debates completely based on non-verbal communication.

Know your strength

So, try “Wonder Woman,” for example. Donna shows you how in this clip. But think about it first when it’s time to make a presentation. It might come off too strong. There are lots of other options to achieve just the right balance of power and empathy.

When you practice and master scientifically valid body language techniques, there’s no reason to hide your assets behind a podium. Observe: