Women in Leadership

The Women in Leadership program is a powerful experience as much for gathering women in one space as for the curriculum itself. We use the same leadership development principles applied in any corporate engagement but having only women in the room achieved three things: the women feel more comfortable speaking up, the women make new networking connections with women within the company who they didn’t know before and—very importantly—women feel valued by management.

People have to know themselves intimately to sell themselves and see themselves in certain roles. Confidence was a key outcome as we focused on how they present and deliver a certain message and on how they want to be perceived.


Human Resources Executive

HR Partner, Public manufacturing company

About the Course


Women in Leadership is perfect for companies that want to develop leaders and build succession plans that are both inclusive and effective. It was developed collaboratively with a major manufacturing company’s human resources department. It can scale to any size of company and be tailored to address particular needs of the organization.

It is a six-month engagement with two full-day sessions and four half-day sessions, plus homework and individual networking sessions that the participants self-direct.

Women in Leadership is based on the idea that the first step of developing female leaders is making sure women want to stay in the organization. By offering such a program and inviting high-potential women, companies help make women aware of their value in the organization and that advancement opportunities are available.

Interpersonal communication skills are central to the curriculum and the participants develop self-confidence and hone the skills necessary to be more effective in work groups, always be heard and to be negotiate for new roles and promotions.

The first meeting of Women in Leadership—a full-day session—is inspirational featuring invited guests from the community—highly placed women in leadership roles—to discuss their experiences and offer suggestions to the group.

Also in the first session, we assign the task of each participant developing her own personal brand.

Subsequent sessions include intensive assessments (FIRO-B, ChangeStyle Indicator, TriMetrix DNA or others) and feedback. The program’s cornerstone is self-awareness.

The program culminates in a final session in which the group presents personal brands to the company’s top management.

Who Should Attend

Women in Leadership is for any women who demonstrate an interest in growing in the organization. It can be calibrated to new employees or experienced employees, but ideally the group is a mix of generations within the company.

Why Attend

Participants will learn about:

  • Themselves and how they can best engage with a range of personalities in the workplace.
  • Becoming stronger communicators.
  • “Reading a room” to best understand how to communicate and lead diverse groups.
  • The paths to advancement within their organizations and how to confidently represent themselves.
  • The course was worth the time and cost 97% 97%
  • I will recommend this course to other Company employees 98% 98%
  • I will apply the information learned in this course to my current/future job 96% 96%
  • I will do my job better as a result of this course 95% 95%

The results were very positive

Data collected, independently, over more than 30 sessions from over 300 employees who participated in Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 course at a Global company resulted in the following scores.  If the scores seem high, they are.  In fact, of the more than 200 courses offered globally by this company Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 is rated the highest by far.

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