Stress Management for Productivity

Here’s an online experience to build individual stress management skills in a way that improves workplace productivity. A powerful 10-week program, it includes weekly work sessions, business simulations and one-on-one consultaiton that create a measurable learning experience for individuals or companies who wish to develop sustainable skills in strengthening their mental fitness.

The mentoring and guidance that the team at The Resilient Mind has shared has helped us double our corporate revenue for the three consecutive years!


Brandon Farr

President, Unlimited Contracting

About the Course


Jamesson Solutions provides this program for organizations seeking to improve performance and productivity by building resilience to stress, individually.

Scientifically based, The Resilient Mind experience is 22.5 hours over 10 weeks to change a neuropathway using a combination of proven adult learning principles.

It includes:

• Weekly, 90-minute group game play

• Two weekly e-learning assignments over 10 weeks

• Two private one-on-one email mentoring sessions

• A mobile app with resources to build connection and community with your group outside of game play

It’s a multi-media learning experience that bundles:

• Skill development and testing

• Healthy competition

• Videos of concepts using film and music

• Group discussions and break out groups

• Relationship building through encouragement and modeling

• Video of experts sharing their knowledge and how it relates to resilience


Who Should Attend

The Resilient Mind experience is for any employee – individuals or teams – who is managing elevated levels of stress that may be having a negative impact on performance.

Why Attend

By gaining personal resilience, there are improvements in personal performance, organizational performance and the organization’s bottom line.

  • The course was worth the time and cost 97% 97%
  • I will recommend this course to other Company employees 98% 98%
  • I will apply the information learned in this course to my current/future job 96% 96%
  • I will do my job better as a result of this course 95% 95%

The results were very positive

Data collected, independently, over more than 30 sessions from over 300 employees who participated in Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 course at a Global company resulted in the following scores.  If the scores seem high, they are.  In fact, of the more than 200 courses offered globally by this company Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 is rated the highest by far.

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