Intentional Storytelling

In this high-energy, interactive, one-day workshop, you will learn how to harness the power of stories to forge authentic connections with business partners, prospects and clients.

Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is.
Tim O’Brien

Vietnam War veteran and award-winning American novelist

About the Course


Intentional Storytelling helps you develop the confidence and skills to incorporate stories in presentations, speaking engagements and other interactions to build trust, connection and credibility.

Many people are uncomfortable with incorporating personal or professional stories in their conversations and presentations. They feel stories are at best extraneous and at worst disingenuous, as well as a waste of valuable time in the conference room. But this kind of thinking causes missed opportunities to share relevant experiences, build trust, and demonstrate credibility.

In this engaging session, you will have fun and leave with awareness and experience you can use throughout your career and in your personal life.

Who Should Attend

Intentional Storytelling is essential for anyone who wants to improve their ability to inform, inspire and communicate through storytelling. From C-suite executives to marketing, sales and HR professionals to research and development, everyone can benefit from developing the awareness and comfort-level to bring stories into their most important communications. In this intimate setting (maximum enrollment 10), you’ll be on your feet multiple times practicing how to incorporate storytelling in ways that feel feel natural to you and authentic to your audience, with video and peer feedback of your progress.

Intentional Storytelling is a valuable investment for any professional who must deliver presentations internally or externally.

Why Attend

Through discussion, exercises and peer feedback, you will be able to immediately put into practice what you’ve learned. When you leave, you will:

  • Understand why stories matter and how they help to build relationships.
  • Learn the different kinds of stories people use, and how, when and why to use them.
  • Know how to communicate goals and ideas through stories to achieve better understanding, awareness or buy-in.
  • Develop genuine stories of your own that engage, entertain and help listeners retain even complex or high-level information.
  • Have a plan for building more stories to use in different contexts, with by a step-by-step workbook guide to develop genuine, powerful stories for future use.
  • The course was worth the time and cost 97% 97%
  • I will recommend this course to other Company employees 98% 98%
  • I will apply the information learned in this course to my current/future job 96% 96%
  • I will do my job better as a result of this course 95% 95%

The results were very positive

Data collected, independently, over more than 30 sessions from over 300 employees who participated in Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 course at a Global company resulted in the following scores.  If the scores seem high, they are.  In fact, of the more than 200 courses offered globally by this company Jamesson Solutions’ Presentation Skills 101 is rated the highest by far.

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