Polygon Puzzle®


The Polygon Puzzle™ is a challenging, exciting, fun filled and highly effective team development activity. Used by hundreds of organizations from all business sectors around the world. Polygon Puzzle enables you to build a team in less than one hour.



“The Polygon Puzzle was the highlight of our session. Everybody loved it! We will definitely use it again and again.”

Joni Vetrano, Training Manager
LaQuinta Resort & Club and PGA WEST

The Polygon Puzzle is a powerful team development tool designed to teach team members to communicate effectively and to collaborate to achieve a common goal successfully. Used at any level of the organization from shop floor to boardroom, the Polygon Puzzle provides a powerful lesson in sharing information and listening. The puzzle can be used with small groups with up to 30 participants using a single puzzle, or with hundreds of participants using multiple puzzles.

The Polygon Puzzle is a Level 1 Simulation


  • Participants (8-30 with one puzzle) are divided into working teams to assemble a twenty-eight piece, two dimensional puzzle.
  • Participants are given written clues from a deck of thirty clue cards.
  • The clues are evenly divided among the work teams, with no single team having sufficient information to solve the puzzle.
  • The process consists of three phases; each phase is designed to allow participants to share information within their small team, then with the other teams, and finally to solve the puzzle as a group.
  • The solution to the puzzle becomes clear when the small teams learn that they must work together.
  • Works well with Individual Assessments like Change Style Indicator and Team Development Assessments like Team Performance Questionnaire.

  • To help your group understand the importance of teamwork
  • To identify your team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • To understand that each individual brings unique skills and experiences to the team
  • To learn to communicate effectively and to actively listen
  • To learn to cooperate and collaborate to problem-solve
  • To learn firsthand how synergy brings about enhanced individual and group performance
  • To learn how to create a positive work environment within which professional relationship are strengthened

  • 28 puzzle pieces (made of PVC multi-colored plastic)
  • 30 coated clue cards in a plastic case
  • Sturdy coated color solution sheet
  • CD-ROM with facilitator materials and resources
  • Includes: Expanded Facilitator Guide, New PowerPoint presentation and a bonus Team exercise to identify team member skills and set goals.
  • A Quick-Read, 1-Page Facilitator’s Guide
  • All materials designed for durability and reuse for many years to come

  • Exercise Length:  1 hours without assessment, 1.5 hours with assessment
  • Number of Participants: 8-30 with one puzzle, many more if more than one puzzle is used
  • Space Required: 1 room
  • Certification Required: NO, this simulation is designed to be used right out of the box with little pre-planning