Simulations Classification Guide

This Simulation Classification Guide, developed by Discovery Learning, first published in the ASTD’s Learning Circuits online resource in 2003, is intended to help ensure trainer and facilitator success when using simulations by matching trainer skill level and needs with simulation requirements.

The Need

When considering a simulation, trainers and facilitators typically have many concerns including some or all of the following:

  • complexity of preparing for the simulation
  • complexity of administering the simulation
  • anxiety about generating conflict and emotions
  • lack of experience with simulations
  • concern for skill required to facilitate the simulation
  • the predictability of outcomes
  • time required
  • difficulty selling the idea of a simulation to the client
  • past negative experience with a simulation

The Goal

Create a system that alleviates many of these concerns and accomplishes the following outcomes:

  • ensure less experienced trainers and facilitators start with simulations with which they can be successful
  • help trainers and facilitators build their skill level through use of simulations
  • improve the match between the facilitator’s skill, simulation complexity and participant learning objectives
  • overall, to improve the facilitator and participant’s simulation experience.

Though not yet widely adopted, this Simulation Classification Guide is an accepted measure of what facilitators and participants can expect to experience in a simulation activity.  Designed to be simple to use, the guide can be applied to any simulation available today.

All simulations sold by Jamesson Solutions have been measured and rated against this Simulation Classification Guide.  The Simulation Level is clearly listed on each simulation product page in this website so visitors can be most informed regarding what to expect from a simulation.

For more information about this simulation classification guide or to inquire about a having a simulation not offered by JSI rated, click here or call our office at 336-298-7170

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