Leadership development focused on your organization’s goals and immediate needs

Leadership development has to be customized to be effective. That’s why you’ll notice a long list of Jamesson Solutions engagement services, presentation skills to emotional intelligence to coaching. And within each of these modules you can expect an experience designed for the particular goals of your business. Do you need more functional teams? Do you have high potential managers who need development for executive assignments?

Jamesson Solutions works with you to establish long term goals for training and development, while delivering results that improve what you’re doing right now.


Stress Management

Individual stress from workplace and home life is a well-known drag on productivity. And the current pandemic has exacerbated the problem. The Resilient Mind is a 10-week experience that includes weekly online group sessions with learning simulations, one-on-one virtual coaching and a personal app for each participant. It’s entirely remote, but scientifically validated and a powerful boost to any organization in turbulent, uncertain or changing times.

Presentation Skills

Jamesson Solutions is pleased to offer a suite of Presentation Skills courses with a range of communications training options. Our courses are designed to help the beginning speaker understand the basics of effective communications and make the experienced communicator even more effective. With over twenty years of experience our facilitators have helped thousands of executives from countries around the world become far more effective communicators. Being an effective communicator is “the most valuable skill of the leaders, manager, salesperson, lawyer, teacher, preacher spouse, lover, or parent.”

Within the Jamesson Solutions Presentation skills suite there are three course offerings as well as custom courses to satisfy your company’s communications training needs.

Workshop sample:

Diversity Leadership

More and more, clients are coming to us as they face tectonic shifts in their workforce. In one case, more than half of a vital department is retiring soon. In another case, a manufacturer’s all important dealer base is gradually being handed down to younger generations. Generational differences are becoming more apparent everywhere as enter the FIVE-GENERATION workspace.

Women and minorities are still facing unique challenges and organizations are scrambling to address them.

Jamesson Solutions is developing this line of workshops to help companies navigate generational differences and diversity for leadership development and process improvement.

Watch for more workshops to come, including “Women in Leadership.”

Learning Modules

Heeding Albert Einstein’s advice—”make it as simple as possible but no simpler”—we designed our modules to provide leadership development and executive education professionals with ready-to-use training products and organizational development programs. Easy-to-use, yet powerful by design, these learning modules can be incorporated into any program or can be used as a half-day stand-alone training event.

Training Programs

Jamesson Solutions offers these essential learning experiences to provide a solid base for any organization’s development initiatives: Becoming a Coach—prepares your high potential employees to provide effective coaching to their direct reports. More engaged than management, coaching is a learning approach to performance improvement.  Emotional Intelligence 101—Emotional Intelligence can account for 60% to 90% of your success in life and it’s more important than your IQ. EQ 101 incorporates real data to help you understand and manage your emotional intelligence. Customer Service 101—Sales without good customer service is the equivalent of putting money in a pocket with holes. Improving customer service is vital to improving your financial success. Change Management 101, Reframing Change—Because while it’s easy to conceive of change initiatives small and large, the fact is, on average only 33% of such initiatives are successful. Most failure of change initiatives is attributable to leadership and employee issues.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is an individualized approach to professional development focusing on results and outcomes. Working one-on-one, our coaches help identify the executive’s strengths and talents as well as potential weaknesses. Through coaching we help the executive build a “roadmap to success”™ enabling executives to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers at IBM, Motorola, J.P. Morgan, Chase, and Hewlett Packard. These companies are discreetly giving their best prospects what star athletes have long had: a trusted adviser to help reach their goals!

Our Contract With You

Jamesson Solutions makes this simple promise: If you are not fully satisfied with any of the courses in which you or your people participate, we will gladly refund your charges. Their experience working with companies large and small allows them to make this guarantee.