The Acquisition®



The Acquisition® uses a real business case to promote group problem-solving, consensus decision-making and a better understanding of group dynamics. It is a simulation that asks participants to first solve the problem individually and then as a group making consensus decisions. The scores are then compared against the experts’ suggested rankings, demonstrating that effective teams generally produce better outcomes than individuals alone.

The Acquisition is a Level 1 Simulation

You and 1-4 team members are told by your board of directors that your company is adopting a strategy of growth through acquisition. Senior management is well aware that over 75% of mergers and acquisitions fail to meet expectations. However, senior management believes that with careful and thoughtful planning a growth strategy through acquisitions can be successful and will provide the most direct and least costly method to meet their long-term objectives.

As a member of the acquisition planning team you are to define a comprehensive plan for approaching and conducting future acquisitions. Through preliminary study numerous steps have been identified as critical for a successful acquisition process.

Your assignment is to rank order these steps in the appropriate sequence from first to last. To insure the best results, you are to first sequence the steps individually and then sequence the steps as a team, reaching consensus. You will meet with senior management to present your results.

  • Reveal barriers to effective team decision-making
  • Better utilize individual expertise in transition
  • Highlight the value of team decision-making
  • Explore the fun and frustration of team problem-solving
  • Highlight the necessity of good communication
  • Enables participants to understand and value the need to communicate and sell ideas
  • Learn how to work in teams more effectively
  • Explore effective team problem solving and decision-making
  • Learn how to be a better individual contributor to a team
  • Experience giving and receiving feedback
  • Program Length: 1-2 hours
  • Space Required: Depending upon # of teams, a large training room or ball room
  • Accommodates: Multiple teams with 2-5 participants each

The Acquisition® is a registered trademark of Discovery Learning, Inc.