PressTime Business Simulation®

PressTime®, a computer-driven behavioral simulation, captures the fast-paced and diverse decisions that project managers and team members make daily. PressTime® enables participants to improve team interactions and team building, enhance strategic planning and problem solving, and explore the added value of cross-functional teams.



Participants in PressTime® are managers in the second largest manufacturer of offset printing plates. The company currently holds about one-third of total market share. The company’s major competitor recently introduced a superior plate which sells for the same price.

A cross-functional team of managers has been assembled to put an improved printing plate on the market in six months or less.

The team members include a marketing manager, planning manager, manufacturing manager, business manager, HR manager and technical managers who report to a product development manager (up to eight team members total) in a matrixed structure. The team is charged with selecting, developing and bringing a product to market. While meeting this challenge, numerous complex technical, financial, marketing, and personnel decisions must be made.

PressTime is a Level 4 Simulation


  • Compresses real-world situations calling for decisions into a learning opportunity
  • Compels individuals to interact in ways that reveal their typical interpersonal styles
  • Creates learning opportunities through feedback from trained observers
  • Produces multiple sources of feedback on team and individual performance
  • Employs measurable factors to determine the success of the team
  • Provides a model for planning and implementing projects
  • Builds negotiation skills and teamwork to meet goals and objectives
  • Promotes the value of cross-functional teams
  • Develops strategic leadership and decision-making capability
  • Models quality management and personnel decisions
  • Creates team effectiveness through group interaction

  • Improve teamwork and interpersonal communication skills
  • Develop strategic leadership and problem-solving skills
  • Develop improved decision-making capabilities
  • Identify participants’ team leadership strengths and development needs
  • Enhance the ability to lead critical organizational projects

  • Program Length: 1 ½ days
  • Space Required: 1 training room, 1 breakout room per team
  • Accommodates: 5-8 participants per team
  • Facilitators: Requires 1 certified program facilitator and 1 additional certified facilitator for each team
  • Equipment: Two laptop computers for each team

PressTime® is a registered trademark of Discovery Learning, Inc.