Paper Scrapers Business Simulation®



Paper Scrapers® is a fun, structured, small team experience for the exploration of individual and team approaches to project development, design and implementation. From the simulation, Participants learn the value of creativity, planning, implementation and selling a project.

Paper Scrapers is a Level 1 Simulation

Team members are asked to design, build, and market a product. The product is a structure to be built out of materials provided in a supply kit. The finished towers are evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Height
  • Stability
  • Use of material
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Originality

Teams consist of four to eight team members that are in competition with each other. After the construction is completed, each team makes a presentation of their structure and teams vote on the structure that best meets the criteria. Each team casts one vote and cannot vote for their own structure.

  • Experience team problem-solving and collaboration
  • Exploration of the total process of designing, implementing and selling a project
  • Learn and appreciate the value of the diverse contributions of team members
  • Explore the trade offs between creativity and implementation
  • Explore the utilization of different team talents in different stages of a project
  • Create an opportunity for individuals and groups to stretch themselves creatively
  • Enable a team to examine the impact of competition on project implementation

  • Program Length: 1-2 hours
  • Space Required: Depending on the number of teams, a large training room or ball room
  • Accommodates: 3-15 teams each with 4-8 participants

PaperScrapers® is a registered trademark of Discovery Learning, Inc.