The EdgeWork® simulation was developed by Discovery Learning, Inc. in collaboration with the Center for Creative Leadership®. The simulation has participants assume managerial positions in two corporations that have very different organizational cultures, but are also partners in supplying an innovative technology to a specific industry. One company is a small research and development organization driven by humanitarian concerns and the desire to advance science. The other is a large profit-driven business operation.



EdgeWork® goes beyond individual and role-level tensions and conflicts, generating these issues on a group level. Groups are drawn to work on key challenges related to more effective ways of talking, thinking, deciding, and taking action together. EdgeWork® is a simulation of dynamic relationships, trade-offs, and conflicts that naturally occur whenever people work together in an organization.

EdgeWork is a Level 3 Simulation

Two companies find themselves interacting with regard to emerging technology. They discover in the process they have some similar and some different goals, perspectives and values, yet their mutual survival is at stake. The simulation helps participants explore personal and group responses to changes in boundaries, identity, perspectives and values. It explores the conflict of investing for long-term growth versus maximizing profits now. It also explores the values of bringing conflict into the open versus seeking harmony and agreement.

  • Individuals deal with the challenge of transitioning from a functional manager to more general or cross functional managers
  • Work groups identify difficult issues that may be limiting their performance
  • Challenge groups to think about working in new ways to produce results
  • Create awareness around what comprises a team and who is a team member
  • Increase sensitivity to diversity and identity
  • Call attention to changing perspectives and values
  • Provide a common experience for intact teams to use in discussing their organizational challenges.
  • Explore changing work arrangements from “self-contained” to “alliances”
  • Create opportunities to explore alternatives to traditional organizational relationships
  • Confront participants with a rapidly changing environment that demands reassessment of fluid boundaries
  • Manage cross-group boundaries, perspectives and initiatives
  • Build effective decision-making processes
  • Explore the cause-and-effect relationship between organizational culture and performance
  • Explore leadership amidst complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty of the new world economy
  • Understand the uses and effects of influence, power and conflict.
  • Program Length: 6-7 hours
  • Space Required: 1 large training room and 1 large breakout room; 2 breakout rooms desirable
  • Accommodates: 12-24 participants

EdgeWork® is a registered trademark of the Center for Creative Leadership®. EdgeWork is co-owned by Discovery Learning, Inc. and the Center for Creative Leadership. Discovery Learning, Inc. is the sole distributor for EdgeWork.