SHRM reports that about 82% of companies use some type of hiring assessment. If you’re looking for a new assessment or if you’ve never used one, you should try the TTI TriMetrix® DNA Coaching Report.

It’s designed to increase the understanding of an individual’s talents. The report provides insight to three distinct areas: behaviors, driving forces and competencies. Understanding strengths and weaknesses in each of the three areas will lead to personal and professional development and a higher level of satisfaction.

You can try it for free on your next applicant. Just complete the form below and we’ll send you a link that you can share. Once the assessment is complete (and it only takes about 20 minutes), Jamesson Solutions will score it and give you a free consultation on the findings.

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Try a free online TriMetrix DNA assessment for talent acquisition. If it’s right for your organization, you might save thousands of dollars by making more informed hiring decisions. If you need more information right now, give us a call. (336) 298-7170

Jamesson Solutions is a value-added associate of TTI Success Insights and can help you more accurately match candidates to your organization using the TriMetrix suite. This is one of the most powerful selection assessments we’ve found.

You can also use TriMetrix assessments toincrease sales, enhance communications, improve performance and reduce employee turnover.

We can manage your comprehensive selection process or certify your human resources staff to use the complete suite of TriMetrix® assessments—we can also provide support and consultation as needed.

For more information on what we can do for you, please drop us a line here.